Haarer & Motts Network Auctions are held in central London where local buyers compete against London investors, the right way to achieve best price for your property.

All types of property can be sold successfully at auction but most estate agents have no experience of the process and do not offer auction as a method of sale. Haarer & Motts Network Auctions can assist with the sale of residential and commercial property as well as land with or without planning consent.


  • Speed – exchange contracts on the fall of the gavel and complete 20 working days later.
  • Certainty – no chains, no protracted negotiations and no fall throughs.
  • Efficiency – serious buyers with cash or finance, block viewings.
  • Transparency – all interested parties have an opportunity to bid.
  • Competition – works to the seller’s advantage and can achieve best price.


  • Expert advice about the auction process.
  • Appraisal of your property.
  • An excellent track record of property sales at auction
  • Highly effective local marketing combined with online advertising through websites and portals plus national coverage and central London auctions.
  • Extensive database of buyers and investors.
  • Comprehensive auction catalogues in print and online.
  • Advice on the production of legal packs.

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For more information please contact Alan Harding on 01803 322557 or use the contact us page.